WINKS Massage make it a point of honour to deliver to our treasured Clientele the finest massage service possible, from stunning exclusive creations to gifted and charming masseuses. In order to optimise your WINKS Experience and increase your enjoyment, we respectfully suggest that you adhere to the Client Code of Conduct set out below:



1. Each WINKS Massage is an incomparable and magnificent occasion intended for your senses to YIELD. Simply allow the masseuse to work her magic.


2. Consider the masseuse at all times and abstain from fondling or groping.


3. WINKS Masseuses are committed, purposely trained professionals. They are NOT ESCORTS, nor do they engage in any sexual activity. We ask EVERY CLIENT to always consider their professional dignity and abstain from soliciting or attempting to get extra services (NO INTERCOURSE, NO SEXUAL RELATIONS OF ANY KIND). For complete clarity on the matter, WINKS Masseuses are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO CARRY OUT OR ACCEPT PAYMENT FOR SEXUAL SERVICES DURING CLIENT ENGAGEMENT.


4. Every WINKS Massage is created to be an intense sensual occasion. We therefore ask you to be aware of personal and intimate hygiene, washing carefully just before the masseuse arrival. Optimal hygiene ensures the optimal massage experience, as it enables the masseuse to engage the most fully for your perfect pleasure.



WINKS Massage have a rigorous policy on Client misconduct. We respectfully suggest that EVERY CLIENT, existing and new, should be informed of the importance of sustaining a PERFECT RECORD FOR BEHAVIOUR AND HYGIENE in order to enjoy continued access to our services, as many advanced massages in the Collection are only available by invitation to exclusive clients with a perfect record.


WINKS Massage unambiguously ask EVERY CLIENT to adhere to and to honour the rules described under Terms of Enjoyment. In the unfortunate event of breaking these Terms, an instant and irreversible termination of access must result.




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